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Medical Slide and Vial Labels

Choosing The Right Label For You

Label Arts offers a wide range of medical labels for slides and vials. Whether you need polyester and paper thermal transfer labels with the corresponding resin and wax ribbons for thermal transfer printing, or paper and synthetic direct thermal labels, we can deliver high-quality labels quickly. All label types are available as blank stock labels for on-demand printing or pre-printed customized labels.

We Specialize in Labels for Medical Labs

Label Arts Specializes in manufacturing xylene chemical resistant labels for medical labs used for specimen tracking and diagnostics. We frequently work with labs whose research and analysis center around pathology, histology and cytology. 

Label Options

Label Arts offers a wide range of high quality thermal transfer labels and ribbons and direct thermal labels based on your medical lab's labeling needs. Each of our label types comes in a variety of sizes to fit your label printer.

Thermal Transfer Labels and Ribbons

Our thermal transfer labels and ribbons are the perfect print on demand solution for applications that must endure harsher environments and avoid smearing for a longer period of time.

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Direct Thermal Labels

Our direct thermal labels are easy to use and low maintenance with no ribbons to replace. They are perfect for applications that are less demanding but still require high quality labeling with flawless identification.

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If you are unsure which labels are best suited for your specific application, check out all of our label options to learn more about what we offer.

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We are constantly updating our online label offerings. Can't find what you are looking for? It is likely we can still produce and supply your labels. Contact us today for a fast and easy quote.