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Thermal Transfer Label Kit (White Opaque Liner) - TFF140-1A1CP/Zkit

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A prepackaged kit with all the products needed for printing on blank thermal transfer white opaque liner labels, including three rolls of thermal transfer labels and two rolls of resin ribbons. The thermal transfer label kit addresses your labeling needs in an organized box that can be positioned beside your printer. Excellent for smaller jobs. Compatible with Zebra printers.

***For best results when running this label through xylene, or other chemicals - please let the label sit and dry for AT LEAST 10 minutes prior to handling. If the label is not completely dry from the chemicals, the ink printed on the label can smear***


3 rolls of thermal transfer white opaque liner labels (SKU: LA-TFF140-1A1CP)
2 rolls of resin ribbons (SKU: T473328IO)


SKU: TFF140-1A1CP/Zkit